Gary ‘The Professor’

Bass Guitar

Gary Goodsoon - Bass Guitar - Special Kinda MadnessGary was a child prodigy and member of MENSA from the age of 6. He became a Grand Master chess player aged 9 and went on to beat Boris Spassky the following year. After an exemplary record at school, he attended Kings College Cambridge aged 13, subsequently gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree in Nuclear Physics. At the age of 25, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Science.

Having excelled at everything in his life, he decided he needed a new challenge and took up the guitar.  He embarked on regular lessons and closely followed the famous Bert Weedon guitar course that influenced the Beatles, Eric Clapton and Brian May. However, he just could not get it.

His frustration sent him in a spiral of decline resulting in him becoming homeless and dabbling in Class A drugs. His long term friend Alice Peterson eventually dragged him out of his depression by suggesting that he tried the bass guitar.

He quickly adapted to the simpler bass lines, unencumbered by the need to play more than one string at a time. Once he had mastered the 3 chord changes required for ska, Gary joined Special Kinda Madness.

Gary still holds the Guinness World Record for reciting the value of Pi to the most number of decimal places (457), about which he is understandably proud. Test him on it during the interval …