What Do People Want From A Tribute Band?

Beatles tribute bandI think it is a given that a tribute band should play the songs of the band you are a tribute to, in the style of the original band.

But what other factors are important?

Look Like The Original Band?

Let’s be honest, it is pretty unlikely that a person that sounds like somebody is going to look like then as well.  So, do we want our tributes to put on wigs as well.  Maybe some prosthetics? J

Sound Like Them?

Most people would probably agree that it is quite important to sound like the people you are a tribute to. By that, I mean sound like them musically. If you are emulating Bruce Springsteen and you are from the Midlands, should you put on a fake American accent when you talk to the audience?

Behave Like Them?

I mean having similar mannerisms to the original. It certainly can help with the credibility of the show.

Create a Similar Live Atmosphere To Them?

Some bands are loved as much for the atmosphere they create as the music they play. So, I suspect the importance of this factor will depend a lot on the band you are a tribute to.


I think it is safe to say that the importance of all these factors will depend on personal preference as well as the original band that is being emulated.

Special Kinda Madness

As a dual band tribute, we have an even greater challenge as we have to try to do all these things for two different bands – Specials and Madness!

Here are some obvious problems …

  • Madness have 6 core members, whereas the Specials have 7.
  • The Specials have 2 black members. Madness have none.
  • Madness have a tenor sax player, whereas the Specials used trumpet and trombone.

So, how do we deal with all this? The truth is that we don’t worry too much. Whilst our singer Darren has Suggs pretty much off pat, we try to focus on playing the music as per the original band, and also creating the atmosphere that these bands would have created, particularly in their ‘golden years’.

Do we all try to be exactly like each individual member of each band? No. We try to dress in their style and convey the same persona, but there is only so much that you can do.

Our main aim is to play the tunes that people love, in the style of the original band that they love, and to create a big night out experience for the fans as if they we seeing their favourite band.

As for putting wigs on …… nah! Don’t think so. 😉

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