Why Do Bands have to Bicker after Splitting Up?

Terry Hall from The SpecialsIsn’t it just accepted that bands are a collection of individuals with their own opinions and ideas, and that their chances of them getting along together for any period of time is pretty slim?

So, why is it that when they split up they feel the need to blame each other for the demise of the band?

That certainly seems to be the case with The Specials. Their shelf-life was pretty short with their original recording period being between 1979 and 1981. When they split up, there was accusations from band members of …

  • Jerry Dammers being too controlling
  • Roddy Radiation (Byers) being too volatile
  • Terry Hall being too morose
  • etc

Even now, the recriminations continue. Since their reforming in 2008 (without Jerry), first Neville Staple and then Roddy Byers later left the band with suggestions (this time) that Terry Hall is being too controlling.

And just yesterday, Jerry Dammers has had an interview published in the May edition of Mojo where he blames the original split up on Roddy’s inability to play the chords in Ghost Town!


However, on the other side of the coin, Madness seem to have got it right. Although the band split up in the 80s and then reformed with different members of the band at different times, everything seems to have been done much more amicably. Individual members have come and gone, and come back again, without any obvious recriminations.

I wonder why the two bands have had such very different experiences?


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