Here’s a few extracts from a review of our sell out gig at The Fleece in Bristol in January:

“… covering all the hits with such uncanny accuracy you could have closed your eyes and sworn it was Suggs and the gang on stage.”

“… they were all confidently and expertly recreated, pitch perfect, faultlessly timed and stylistically spot-on.”

“The shoulder-to-shoulder capacity crowd went ballistic for both gigs, leaping around, singing along, surfing the crowd, spilling their beers, and juiced up on musical adrenaline in a Ska-pumped, sweat-drenched, high-octane 2-Tone orgy.”

“Bang-on-the-money tributes. A rowdy, crazy, fun-loving crowd of fans. One irrefutable House of Fun.”

Read the full review on the website here!

And from our Halifax gig from a Phoenix FM radio presenter …

“Wow! What a band. If I can get the CD, its going to be played so much on my radio station.”