How long will this resurgence of ska carry on?

We obviously love our ska, but it seems that many others do as well. When we play, we see a high percentage of 40-somethings who obviously lived through the 2nd wave ska era of Madness, The Specials, Band Manners et al. But we also see increasing interest from people in their early 20s.

A few of us went to the recent Specials gig at Ally Pally. Yes, there were loads of sweaty guys in their 40s, but lots of youngster as well. At first I thought they were their kids, and indeed there was some of that. But there were also lots of groups of 20-somethings there, and no sign of their parents.

Am I right? Is ska beginning to be picked up by the younger generation? My eldest son is 11 and he already loves it. Admittedly, he gets large doses of it on the car CD player and can’t avoid it, but I now catch him watching videos of ska bands on YouTube.

Result! 🙂

Long live the resurgence of ska.

Kick out Justin Bieber and bring in The Specials!

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